Friday, February 23, 2018


Yesterday I headed back up to the Soo Line ATV trail for some biking.  With the new snow, (3-4") I was hoping snowmobilers had been out, packing the trail.  They had!  The going was slow and I had to let out air but oh so fun.  I took the trail past Pierz before I turned back around.  Instead of doing a "out and back" I took a side rode to 133 (which turns into a minimum maintenance road).  This road runs into the Platte River.

Yep, I was back on the Platte.  But this section is further North of where I crashed and much smaller.  I had been on it before so I knew the ice was secure.  Besides some animal tracks I was the only tracks on the river.  More air was let out and speed reduced.  Man was it arduous but stupidly fun.

The river dumps into Rice Lake, just north of Skunk Lake.  I took that back to the Soo Line and back to the car.  Ended with 4 3/4 hours and 35 miles and a big smile.

I'm up a bit early today to go shovel.  Yep...more snow!  We got about 5" I'd guess with about the same predicted for Saturday.  While a bit too late I'll still take it.

Go play in the snow!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Winter Ain't Over Yet.

SNOW!  Over the past few days we received our biggest snow of the season, around 4".  Yeah I know nothing to brag about but for us in St. Cloud it's like nirvana.

Yesterday, after dinner, I headed out for a spin.  Get this, I actually had to stop and let air pressure out to get better traction!  A first on the season.  Per usual I ended up down at Sand Prairie.  I wasn't the first biker there but I did lay fresh tracks in the far SE corner, Bumpity Bump...which with the snow is mellowing out some.

I ran into to Jim and Dan of Onyx Hubs out riding as well.  We rode to the North Loop together before I headed for home.  I got a bit over 2 hours in with a 7 mph average.  Yep, snow makes it slow but fun!

The weather predictions aren't all on the same page but it appears we may get more snow Thursday and Saturday.  As we've learned all too well here in Cloud Town, we'll just wait and see.

Monday, February 19, 2018

More Snow?

After work on Friday I headed out for a night ride as the family was gone for the evening.  I hit up Friedrich Park, The North Loop, Balto's, and Sand Prairie.  The snow is pretty thin out there, plain blah in spots.  It really got me longing for gravel and dirt riding.  So much so I spent a good portion of the weekend obsessing about building up a mountain bike.  My specification were: 29er hard tail, threaded BB, room for 2.6" tires but would settle on 2.4, and room for a 36 tooth chainring in a 1X setup.  Not many options out there!

Saturday it was just Harper and I till evening.  She had a birthday party to go to at 2 at a local roller rink.  She was nervous about roller skating so I stayed and showed her my moves.  Ha!  Once Jen got home I thought about going biking but the "blah" status of the trails and wanting to hang with the family kept me home.

I had tentatively thought about riding parts of the Dirt Bag course on my fat bike for Sunday's ride.  But it was crazy windy in the morning and my ribs are still a bit sore.  I opted for a 2 hour spin with Kyia.  We hit up the south trail system and had a great time.  Minus the vine taking me out.  Damn ribs were not happy!

Last week was a low activity week.  Not quite 7 hours of riding.  Ribs and life impeded more.  Plus rest is good too.

As I sit here we have about .5" of new snow with it still snowing.  I wasn't sure I even wanted more snow but as predicted I'm excited once it's here!  I had taken Monday off as we hoped to go somewhere as a family but things just didn't pan out.  Looks like I may have to go make some fresh tracks!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Hmm...Not That Bad.

Ever since my ride on Wednesday my ribs have felt better.  Oh they still hurt, especially last night when I had a coughing jag I couldn't shake, but normal movements feel just fine.  Thus I opted for another spin on the bike yesterday over the gym.

I hadn't really paid too much attention to the snow level after a day of 40's and sun but's shit. Anything in the open is basically dirt at the moment.  Yesterday when I rode it was just starting to get below freezing.  My bike is now covered in a sheet of ice with grass randomly protruding every direction.  Nonetheless it was fun.  I was just excited to be out riding.  Even the bumpity bump section at Sand Prairie was fine.  Mostly it's getting my left leg over the bike that really sucks.  I haven't crashed yet...assuming that may hurt too!  Happy to get 2 hours in.

Jen and the girls are off to the cities tonight so I may snuck out after work for a short ride.  Not too sure I want to risk it with a night ride but I haven't claimed to be too smart either.  Currently St. Cloud is set up to get some good snow Sunday night into Tuesday.  I'm sure it will change some but most models are hinting at 3-5".  It's still February so I'll take it.  I had a fun winter and not quite ready for it to be done.  Ask me in March and I'm sure to be complaining about winter.

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gave it a Whirl.

After deciding to not ride yesterday I went out for a 13 mile fat bike spin.  I hit up the River Bluffs, Time Waster, and a bit of Plum Creek.  The rib and I handled it better than I anticipated but it still hurt.  It was more like an intensely painful side ache.  It lingered for about an hour or so after the ride.  But then it seemed better than it's ever been.  Go figure!

I haven't been to the gym in about a year.  I planned on going today but with how I felt yesterday I may head out for another spin.  While bringing Harper to school I was able to see what a 40 degree day and sun does to snow.  Ooof...not much left in the open areas.  Best get on it while there is some left.  But I'm ready for Spring, just not the slop that comes along with it.  I'd still like to get back into the gym for a bit but making that apart of my routine again sounds daunting.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Well Damn.

Turns out that little crash on Sunday did more than ring my bell.  My left side had hurt after the crash but more like a bruise on the leg kind of hurt.  Monday night I was doing sit ups.  In between sets I rolled over and ZING!  Ouch.  Turns out I have a fractured rib and such.  Man it hurts.  I've only sneezed once and that is more than enough.  I do have a cough so that's real fun.  Sleeping and coughing are the worst at the moment.  I've been told I can bike...really?  Guess it's time to suck it up buttercup.  I work at noon today so toyed with going out but I may give it a bit more time.  You know, like tomorrow.  Shit I'm conflicted if I should ride our not!  Being a nut job sucks sometimes!

Monday, February 12, 2018

We Took on the River, and It Won.

Sunday Charlie and I decided on another river adventure.  After last weeks excursion on the Soo Line, Skunk and Rice Lake, and the Platte River we decided to connect the Mississippi up with the Platte and if time allowed the Soo Line and back home on the Great River Road.

We started at the Mississippi River Park North of Sartell.  The plan was to go 2 hours and see where we were at.  If we didn't have enough time we'd just turn around.  This section of the Mississippi was great.  Mostly fast and smooth.  We made it to the Platte in about 40 minutes.  Unlike the Mississippi the Platte is small and twisty.  Plus the going was much more arduous. We were traveling 4-6 mph.

Surprisingly the Platte had much more hazards to navigate than the Mississippi. From ice heaves to open water.  We were both shocked by the open water since this was a small river, not very deep, and it's been so cold lately.

About 30 or so minutes into the Platte I was riding over some hollow ice (no water under neath).  It gave way, my front tire went down 2 feet, and my face head butted a hole in the ice!

As you can see I made a pretty big size hole!  I rung my bell pretty good.  No I wasn't wearing a helmet.  Those that know me know I wear a helmet 99% of the time.  I should have today but didn't.  Honestly though a helmet wouldn't have helped much as I hit the ice with the side of my face.

You can see the cut above my eye and now my cheek bone area is bruised.  Nonetheless a helmet wouldn't have hurt either.  But damn did that hurt!  I must have hit my back somehow too has I have some sore ribs or tweaked muscles.

Being true adventurers we continued on...ha!  Not 10 minutes up we encountered lots of open water.  We started to navigate around it but eventually decided it wasn't worth it as it seemingly wasn't getting any better.  On the way back out my foot busted through and got my left foot wet.  I was in my Wolfgar boots with a vapor barrier so I was still good to go.

Being able to follow our tracks back out we were able to make better time.  Back on the Mississippi we had a crazy tailwind.  We had no idea it had gotten windy as the Platte is so protected.

Our adventure was just tha,t an adventure.  It clocked in at 3 hours, not the 4-5 we anticipated. Even had we pushed past the open water it was clear we were not making the Soo Line in our allotted time.  Maybe next weekend after the warmup.  Ha...nope!