Thursday, May 25, 2017

Night Gravel!

It's been way too long since I've done a night ride, let alone night gravel.  After Avery's orchestra concert I was off on the Evergreen.  Get wasn't raining!  Nor was it windy!  With the cooler and wet weather I haven't really noticed how long daylight sticks around. I didn't need to turn my lights on till 8:30 or so.  Around 9:00 the bugs came out.  Open mouth breathing was risky at this point.
I realized I had forgotten my phone about mid ride.  Not a big deal but I said I would be back sometime around 9:30.  Had I had my phone I would have pushed East and North just a bit more.  It was one of those nights.  Nonetheless I got 3 hours in.  Having had 3 days off the bike and one easier ride my legs were feeling great.  I'll get out again today for a longer ride.

This morning I have a breakfast event to attend at Brinna's school.  I was to work till noon today but the school event trumps that.  This afternoon/evening Harper has a school picnic/graduation thing.  Busy week of school activities!

A week from today I will head down to Emporia, KS for the the DK 200.  I'm ready and excited!  Now I just need to stop obsessing about what tire width to run!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More Rain?!

While I typed my post yesterday morning I didn't realize it was raining.  Once outside it was quickly realized.  No matter, I was up so I was riding.  Back inside for a rain jacket.  Despite getting the bike dirty and some cold toes it was a really nice ride.  Once Mike and I split ways I headed down county road 8 some, as I had a bit more time.  As always a great way to start the day...2 hour ride.

I contemplated getting up early again this morning as Avery has an orchestra concert tonight but as much as it's a great start to the day, sleep is important too!  I did charge light last night thinking I may try to get a night gravel ride in.  Still need to find time to mow my lawn as well.  If it only would stop raining for more than 12 hours!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Candy Land Wins.

Not sure why but I struggle to ride Monday afternoons.  If the mountain bike trails had been dry I would have hit the trails no question but they weren't to I asked Harper if I should ride.  She said no so we played several rounds of Candy Land and some card games.  Not a bad afternoon.

I'm up at 4:30 this morning to meet Mike around 5 for a morning ride.  Brinna has a choir concert this evening so no TNR.  Avery has an orchestra concert tomorrow night followed by a school picnic/graduation thing for Harper on Thursday.  Friday and Saturday I have events I have to tech (bike mechanic) at and I work Sunday.  This week will be fast!

Next Thursday I head down to Kansas for the Dirty Kanza 200.  Can't believe it's already here.  Not much I can do now for fitness.  What I have is what I have.  I feel ready.  The weather will be the big deciding factor.  Hoping it's not super hot as I haven't had much warm weather to ride in.

Time to ride.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Is It Done Raining?!

I guess I should feel lucky I got the riding in that I did.  With life and the weather it was a hectic week.  Despite all that I still got about 14 hours in.  Not what I wanted but good enough.
I did bring my bike to Madison hoping to get a ride in but there too, like home, was inundated with rain.  On Sunday I thought about getting picked up somewhere along I94 but the logistics of that wasn't panning out so I pushed back riding till we dropped Jen's parents off in Coon Rapids.  By the time we got there it was drizzling, 44 degrees, and a 20 mph headwind.  Yeah I took the car home!

This week looks to be better in the weather department (well at least the rain part) but still pretty busy with kid activities.  May be some early morning rides in my future.  I really want to mountain bike but guessing the trails will need a few dry days before they are ready.  I also need to get my road bike back running (quietly) so I'm not taking the "gravel" bike on road rides.  Ben problems.

Happy (Dry) Monday.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


What a wet week, blah.  Despite all the rain I have managed to get out riding on Monday and Wednesday.  Going to bed Tuesday night it looked like Wednesday morning would be a wash out.  But per the norm the forecast changed and it was dry.  Stoked to have nabbed 3 hours.  A benefit of all the rain is the gravel is running pretty fast and the dust is gone.  Shortly after getting to work around noon it started to rain and really hasn't stopped.

Today was the day I was to start biking to Madison.  That is no longer happening.  I'm still a bit bummed as I was really looking forward to the adventure.  I hope to get a ride in today, weather dependent.  A super big week has turned into a whatever week.  So it goes.
I'm contemplating bringing my bike to Madison but if I do that I will feel the "need" to bike and not sure on how much time I will have.  Sometimes it's hard being a nut job!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Riding When I Can.

I had planned to mountain bike yesterday afternoon as the rest of the week looked pretty wet.  The rain, however, came early and dumped a 1/2" of rain on us during the day.  Mountain biking was out. I was feeling tired so I was ok with the prospect of not riding at all.  When I got home the sun was almost out!  Knowing the rest of the week is up in the air because of weather and kid events I decided to head out for a two hour ride around Briggs Lake.
The legs bitched a bit but a half hour in and all systems were firing just fine.  I actually felt really good.  So much so that at the end of the ride I tackled the KOM at my folk's house.  A quarter up the hill I laughed and sat down.  Not happening!

Tonight is Brinna's orchestra concert so no TNR, if it even happens.  Guessing I'll hit the gym up this morning but I really like getting to work early so I may bail on the gym at the last minute as well.

This humidity is giving me some crazy hair!

Monday, May 15, 2017


I worked Saturday at the shop but still wanted to get a ride in.  Knowing I'm not much for riding after work I was up early and on the bike shortly after 5.  Once again I was on the Evergreen, my favorite bike currently.  I pretty much did the same route as on Wednesday (mini Dirt Bag)...3 hours and 52 miles.  Not a bad start to the work day: 3 hour ride and two repairs done before 9:00!  After work I headed to our house to mow the lawn.  It turned into a long day!

Sunday my mom was up at the lake with the kids and Jen was with her mom up at her Grandma's so I was solo.  I wasn't up super early but early enough, on the bike by 7.  I planned on the original Dirt Bag course minus Franklin Road.  I was really feeling good.  On longer climbs the legs started to bark some but overall I was grooving.  A bit over 5 hours and 90 miles.
Within 30 minutes of finishing my ride I was out back with my dad cutting and moving trees for 3 hours.  I think the tree cutting was harder than the ride.  Finally time for a shower then off to the grocery store to get dinner supplies: steak (I didn't eat), potatoes, veggies for grilling, and salad.
Dang solid weekend.

Just shy of 20 hours and 361 miles on the week.

The weather this week looks to be stormy.  Just have to go with the flow and ride when it works.

I've been planning and getting stoked on biking to Madison for over a month now.  I would have to leave on Thursday.  These plans are starting to fall apart.  I'm pretty sure it's out.  Brinna has a track meet, work is busy (and it's our anniversary sale), and the weather looks to be shit.  I still will go to Madison but most likely in the car and on Friday.

Happy Monday.